I Am Bipolar

I am a long road going nowhere.
I am a long day without an end.
I wake in the morning wishing
it was over, but too afraid to
end it, my friend.

I am a bright sky on a sunny day.
I am the Garden of Eden.
I never sleep a whole night.
I wake every hour to see if my
thoughts are still spinning.

I am an extreme mood swing.
I am both an angel and a demon.
I am in a constant battle with myself.

I am an illness
that will not leave me alone.

I am Bipolar.

A poem by Garry Ventura

Looting and Rioting

Dark skies
The sound of rain in the night
They walk like savages looting and rioting

I am white
But I see white brothers and sisters
Provoking riots in the name of the black man

This is wrong!
This violence needs to stop!

I am ashamed of my race
Racism has no place in this world
And I stand against the racism and what it brings

It’s okay to protest in peace, for peace
But leave the violence out of it
Stand together in love and peace

A poem by Garry Ventura


I could careless of dying
As hope that it was dignified
I hope to die from lung cancer
Or a heart-attack
I’d hate to die under a pandemic
But if something I have chosen for myself
I’d like to die alone
Without you, without me…

A poem by Garry Ventura